Dave’s Floor Refinishing –¬†experience you can count on


Dave’s Floor Refinishing has 28 years of successful experience in the flooring business. Our work has included some of the oldest farm houses in the community and some of the finest homes in the area. Your finished project will bring you nothing but satisfaction. Gain peace of mind knowing that Dave, the owner, will be personally supervising and working on your flooring project.

Why choose Dave’s?

Saving money looks great

In almost all cases it is cheaper to refinish your floor than to replace it. When pricing your new flooring, you must consider the cost of the new flooring plus the cost of the installation. Dave’s specializes in refinishing and installing new flooring and can offer professional advice as to which route is better for you. Dave’s Floor Refinishing simplifies a process that requires specialized knowledge and precision.

Hardwood Floor Restoration
Refinishing hardwood floors

Exceptional quality at an affordable price

Twenty-eight years of experience and an eye for detail means that your floors will look amazing whether you are interested in floor refinishing or new hardwood floor installation. Rest assured that you will have the style you want without feeling a pinch in your pocket book.

Dustless Sanders

All of our sanders are connected to a hepa vac system. This results in a 95% dust free operation. Less dust means less fuss.

Custom Hardwood Flooring
Installation of new hardwood floors

Fast Turnaround

Most of our projects take 1-2 days to complete, while a few may take a little longer. A great benefit of our work is that the homeowner can stay in the house while the work is being finished.